Why pathology seems to cover the whole medicine

Why pathology seems to cover the whole medicine

If there is a practice that has borrowed extensively, then it is an area of pathology. It is the area that has explored widely in a bid to achieve the mystery of the disease occurrence. In trying to solve this, the pathologists have gone to the extent of using individual animal tissue to be able to come up with the relevant human treatments.

It is a known fact that the area of pathology is considered to be an area of interest top almost all the genres of medicine. This is in relation to the manner of its extensive use in the medicine practice as a measure for disease diagnosis. Pathology sure cover a large area in the medicine practice because it encompasses all fields concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatments.

While however some of the known diagnostic methods are independent in nature, the use of pathology usually runs across all the other professional practices. That is simply because it employs the use of the other methods like ultrasound to be able to come up with a comprehensive tissue analysis unlike other areas where the imaging and analysis were for particular parts.

This is a major reason the pathologists are quite fundamental in the work of physicians in the determination of the course of treatment of the various forms of diseases. Most of the areas of diagnostics combine the knowledge in pathology to be able to come up with the required results.

It is even further important in the field of psychiatry that has been found to concern itself with the mental illnesses. The mental cases diagnosis has gone top notch and that is how the area of psychopathology where the pathologist are concerned with the study of psychology and neurology

This has made the psychologists learn the mental disease and their cause and in turn come up with its treatments. It is however not known fact whether the comprehensive coverage has worked positively for the practice in pathology. Many other reasons have made many students join the practice some of which are generally considered to be financial. Whatever it is, interest is the best motivation.


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