What are the chiropractic training requirements?

What are the chiropractic training requirements? The diverse areas of chiropractics can be divided into the several fields spanning the orthopedics, neurology, radiology, sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition and the overall family practice. All these are usually see to attract diverse levels of training needs some of which are quite extensive. Chiropractics involve the training in […]

The Canadian acupuncturist

The Canadian acupuncturist The Canadian areas are divided into several provinces; these areas are as such involved in different levels of regulation and control and registration of the acupuncturists. Most of the Canadian provinces have what we can term as unregulated acupuncturist practice except in the areas of the British Colombia. The practice of acupuncture […]

Importance of Radiation therapist

Importance of Radiation therapist Like the menace that it has become, cancer is slowly becoming the global killer disease .proper care of cancer patients is thus necessary for the proper maintenance  and care to these patients. The radiation therapists are thus an important lot because they; Diagnosis-Working with other health practitioners, the radiation therapists are […]

Cross cultural psychiatry

Cross cultural psychiatry The issue of culture and tribe has led to the problems of phobia in the society in the recent past. The ethnic diverse origins in some case become points of emotional and social fear that if not well managed can be quite counterproductive to the said patients. The recordings of the psychologists […]